Churches now more than ever are under attack primarily because the family is under attack. A church is only as strong as the families that make up the church.  Every person born in this world has at least one thing in common with each other, WE ALL HAVE A FAMILY! Family is an ordained institution from God and was established to be a healthy sustainable nucleus to enrich the world, repopulate the world and invigorate daily life!  


Pastors are in a unique position to help people combat the destructive forces that they are facing in their lives but it is imperative to tackle the root issues that families face that keep so many people, young and old, from having a healthy, active and meaningful relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

CFADD aims to help you become a better leader by equipping you with the resources needed from a biblical but relevant standpoint to help your members remove the hindrances and dysfunctions in their own families.  By uncovering the things that hinder so many families and teaching about forgiveness, reconciliation, power, and so much more, together we can begin the process of healing the land.  Members will be strengthened, families will be restored and the church will be healthy and prosper.

CFADD Pastor Testimonial

"As a relatively new CFADD Chapter President and CFADD Pastor, we have experienced a tremendous shift in our church in a matter of weeks. We are currently taking all of our members through the powerful 10 week CFADD Family Development Sessions.

Some of the feedback we are getting is very encouraging! Members are addressing the dysfunction in their own families; They are learning how important family is to God and to society; Families that were separated are being reconnected; Individuals who have never stepped foot in our Church are coming..."