Parents and Family Advocates

Every person born in this world has at least one thing in common with each other, WE ALL HAVE A FAMILY! Family is an ordained institution from God and was established to be a healthy sustainable nucleus to enrich the world, repopulate the world and invigorate daily life!  


As dynamic and magnificent as God’s plan is for the family, this precocious institution has come under such grievous attack from societal, political and moral combatants! Destructive forces in the land tempts with so many grips and vices such as drugs and alcohol, divorce, domestic violence, sexual abuse, mistrust, irresponsibility, fatherless homes, poverty, infidelities, etc. 

CFADD aims to help you better understand the enemies tactics, tear down walls of destruction and bitterness within your family, remove the dysfunction and restore the foundation to which God is the cornerstone.

CFADD Parent Testimonial

"I am convinced that my family, our Church family, and the families in our community will never be the same because of CFADD!"