Reinforcing our Commitment

A mother’s love is vital for the nourishment of her children and its benefits irreplaceable. It is the first human interaction a child will experience. The nine months of bonding pre-birth, as well as the nurture and care the child receives during and after birth is essential for the development of the baby having long term benefits in the development of the child.


But today, society encourages women to find their personal fulfillment and self-worth in things that draws them away from their families relationships.

Suggesting that having children and nurturing them is a burden or a hinderance to true personal happiness.  


Not only is this false, but aids in creating a society void of the benefits of a mother’s dedication, love and nurturing spirit.  CFADD praises the natural role of the mother encouraging women to return to their unique role of nurturer for her family. 


The child who experiences the constant attention and affection of a self-giving mother during the earliest phase of life, is blessed beyond measure. That mother is giving him a great introduction to “reality as a pleasant place to be.” Life is good, life is warm, life is full. Well taken care of, that baby is ready to take life on!