Foundations of Mankind

Marriage was created as the foundational relationship for all of the world. All other relationships in society come from the father-mother relationship, and these relationships prosper most if the father-mother relationship is at the same time a close and a closed marriage or a husband-wife relationship . Excellent marriages are the bedrock of strong societies, for they are the structures of strong households. 


The future of the mankind and all parts of society is embodied in each newborn. Whether that newborn grows to be a strong, capable adult depends much on the marriage of his moms and dads. Whether he is physically strong; whether she is intelligent; whether he is hardworking or a dropout; whether she will be pleased and mentally healthy; whether he will be more educated; whether she will marry in her own turn; whether he will be a taxpayer or a drain on the commons; whether she enjoys her own sexuality to the full; whether he hopes and worships; whether she has children and how many; whether he graduates high school and goes to college or finds a trade; whether she is obedient; whether he grows old with a family surrounding him-all these most desirable results (typical goods) are strongly linked to the strength of the marital relationship of that kid's moms and dads.