The Absurdity of Modern Culture

The understanding of the difference between male and female is basic and fundamental. The physical, emotional make-up of both are given by God for specific functions that are necessary for the sustainment of family and society.  What is simple has become a complex point of discussion, to the point where society cannot clearly define a male or a female.  Can a male be a female and a female be a male?  Is there really a difference between the two sexes other than what has been constructed by society?  Can a male do exactly what a female does, and can a female do exactly what a male does?  Modern thought pushes these contradictory ideas as truth.  While some feel these developments are harmless, data proves it to be detrimental to the people involved. When individuals reject the basic order of God they lend themselves to unwelcomed side effects such as, emotional problems, sickness and disease, the need for constant affirmation, multiple relationships, and even early deaths.  How did we get to the point where something so simple has become so complex?  How do we protect ourselves and our families?