Church Family Ministry

Get the Most Out of Your Relationship with Pre-Marriage Training

There are few greater risks and simultaneously the greatest chance at rewards than choosing a person to spend your life with through marriage. Marriage is a journey, a long journey that will last until the end of our life or the life of our partner. Choosing someone to marry is saying I take this great risk with my life to say that you, over all other partners, are the one person I want to take this life journey with because I believe that together we can reap the best rewards. This is a serious commitment and one in which pre-marriage training can assist.


Pre-marriage training with a church family ministry is about helping each party of the marriage understand more fully both what this commitment means and how to fulfill that commitment. There will be bumps and rough roads in every marriage, but with pre-marriage training, you can learn how to see the road map; the best way to handle such bumps, turns, and unexpected detours that come at you. Going through pre-marriage training with a church family ministry can also help you better establish roles with each other and create a solid plan for your future, such as when it comes time to grow your family with children. When you are ready to take that big step to become a mother and father, our group at Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions will likewise be right here, helping to assist you in that major transformation and new life stage.