Christian Workshops

Virtual Christian Workshops: A Great Way to Grow at Home

We live in unprecedented times. We are living in times where global situations, like the coronavirus pandemic, have forced us to collaborate and come together like never before. And yet, in these same times, each of us can feel more alone than ever as that same pandemic ushered in measures that kept us apart. If you've found yourself feeling alone and lost in the last two years, you are not an outlier. One way to get reconnected with others and with your community at large is via virtual Christian workshops.

Virtual Christian workshops are online workshops that you can sign up for and join from the comfort of your home. While you can watch Christian workshops that have already been recorded and been made available for later viewing, one of the best ways to engage with these workshops is by registering for a live one. During a live virtual Christian workshop, you can engage with others who are watching the same materials, the same presenters, at the same time. This makes for a more collaborative and overall engaging experience.

Here at Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions, we are proud to host a wide array of virtual Christian workshops. Each of these Christian workshops is designed to be a positive, empowering experience. We want to see our greater family succeed and to do so requires greater connection, more empathy, and, of course, better decision-making.

Taking part in workshops online rather than in-person offers the obvious benefits of convenience and greater accessibility, but there are also ancillary benefits like affording you more anonymity if you aren't sure that this is the right group for you. Take advantage of that anonymity and contact us today to learn more about our Christian workshops. If you don't love it, you have nothing to lose -- but you just may find this to be the best first step you can take to a greater, more fulfilling life.