Christian Mother's Roles

Learning to Embrace the Christian Father's and Christian Mother's Roles

The modern world tells us that women and men can be anything, that the mother can act as the father and the father act as the mother. While there is strength in this worldview, there is also a weakness. Every business, every sport, every other endeavor has its success come from having static rules and following, practicing core organizational concepts. For example, an auto factory finds financial success when you hire strong accountants to handle the money and skilled mechanics to handle the repairs. Not when you merge the two. So too can the true success of the family happen when one embraces the traditional order of the Christian father's roles and the Christian mother's roles.

A family that chooses to embrace and elevate the differences between the Christian father's roles and the Christian mother's roles creates a more organized family unit. A family unit with purpose and with cohesive bonds as each member of the family understands their place and contributes to the family that which it needs.


The most important of the Christian father's roles is to provide for their children and lead them. To provide for them is to both financially provide, to ensure there is a roof over their head and food upon their table, while spiritually providing means to ensure that the children understand His Word and their place within the world. This likewise applies to leading. A good Christian father both leads his children in Christian teaching and in more secular tasks.


The most important of the Christian mother's roles is to take what the father provides and enhance it. To take the house and make it a home and to take those leadership lessons of Christianity and make them a true loving Biblical worldview for families. Learn more about this and other aspects of training and transforming Christian families by visiting our website.