Father and Daughter

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Your involvement in CFADD will give us the army of support we need to forge ahead. Your partnership and support helps inspire CFADD to continue to be a diligent proponent in society who promotes the sustainability of the family nucleus, upholds Godly family values and provides resources to help thriving families continue to be enriched; help weakened families overcome destructive decisions and encourage formidable future families of generations to come. 

CFADD has accepted the charge to be a leader in inspiring and guiding families in the direction that helps upbuild thriving families, embraces embattled families in hopes for reconciliation, and prepares for future families and generational heritages.  CFADD has also accepted the charge go head to head against immoral laws, ordinances, rules and precepts that deflect from Godly values and moral uprightness!  Your partnership and linkage with CFADD helps CFADD uphold this charge!  

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